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I am so jealous of all the places you have traveled to and hope one day i get to do what your doing. but for now i will enjoy reading your works and admiring you. thank you


I've been in 12 countries
and never left the Arizona desert. I've loved reading about all your travels and adventures. I can't wait to read the book.


Beautiful woman! I'm not talking about looks, but about the person as a whole. She read one of her writings to me, which was mindchanging filosophical wrapped in a addictive story. I really could see it as a film when I closed my eyes. Thanx again for the good time on the train!


CIAO BIONDA!!! Hai fatto un bel viaggetto. Vedo tante cose interessanti. Ora non riesco a guardarle tutte, ma tornerò presto sul tuo bel sito. Mi piace perchè posso vedere tanti piccoli pezzi del mondo, anche qui da casa, e un pò per volta. Mi sembra che viaggiare ti abbia fatto vedere le cose del mondo in un modo "particolare", profondondo. I tuoi commenti sono profondi, o simpatici.. anche se hai sempre una buona parola per tutti, non parli come una "guida turistica" (PER FORTUNA). Buonanotte, torno domani(spero).
Grande un


What can I say? I'm jealous - I'm sure we all are! Someday when I get broadband I'll spend a whole night with a bottle of wine, looking at all your pictures.
Hugs & kisses!


Rich and enriching . . . Sherry, her website, her endeavours.
'Travel is a metaphor for our lives . . .We are constantly accumulating experience, seeking growth and ultimately wisdom, and travel concentrates this growth by presenting us with challenges and opportunities that we simply miss in our day to day lives at home.' (The Gift of Travel).


If you're ever back in the States you know you have a couch in my "study"--even if I study in the whole house....
Thanks for providing me vacations from my life without having to pay airfare! Take care.


I've read two of the books on your list and will read 'The Alchemist'

Since you liked 'J L Seagull' you'll probably like 'The Little Prince' by Antoine de Saint Exupery.
Your description of Seagull is just as apt for this book.


Hey Sherry, Thanks for linking me up on your website.I think you have an excellent website too. Keep it up and im sure our paths will cross one day.Suchen


I'm one of the Canadian's you met on the ferry to Helsinki. I hope all is going well with your courch surfing. We managed to fit in 12 countries and are now safely back in Canada.

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