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Thank you both for making it a very special


I just wanted to wish you both a very Happy New Year. This will be the best year ever.
Love you OABASON,


Awww, you look so in love!

hey, woman, I'm going to eastern Europe next week!

London-Warsaw-Prague-Riga-London then back to NYC. just two weeks. I have to go back to work on the 19th of November.

send me an email! I might swing by wherever you are today.

talk to you soon.


I've just seen your pics from your new home. Is there a way to comment on pictures? There are some masterpieces among them:) I love it, can't wait to get to beautiful Sigisoara and see you again.


Sherry's writing is a deep breath of fresh air in my everyday life, a lil' ray of sun. I keep being amazed at her ability to talk so accurately and with such tender gentleness of all those bits and pieces, those joys, pains, wonders that make life and that are just, in the end, so universal to us. The journey is not simply geographical, it is spiritual as well - a sweet insight into a bright, loveable, caring soul that I am glad to have as a small part of my life. :)


Hi all!

Looks good! Very useful, good stuff. Good resources here. Thanks much!


Geof Lambert

Very cool...sounds like a wonderful work in progress! Looking forward to the end result someday.



As the others are saying...I have sat at my desk at the law firm (where Sherry worked) and have gone on the most spectacular vacation of my life !! The pictures are wonderful....I was there. Thank you so much. And all of you out there that had the joy of meeting Sherry, thank you for taking such good care of her. She is one of a kind and a special soul....I love you Sherry...always your Receptionist.....Kaye


best of luck to you on your book, sherry. i know it will be wonderful. i do wish you could come visit me before you left for the states. i would love to see you!! you were such a blessing to me that night that i met you over a 48 cent carton of wine!! will never forget you. stay in touch...

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