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The feasibility of it sounds obvious to me. Have already crossed paths with people that lived out of nothing for a while.

Some of my friends in Toulouse squat houses and feed themselves from dumpster diving, hitchhike or bike around, recycle what others throw away in the streets for furniture and clothing. They could get a lot from our public services here (France is a very protective country, socially speaking). This is a choice they made out of ecological/social beliefs and not sth circumstances have forced upon them. This time they needn't spend on making a living, they spend it on ecological and social actions, on participa

You might not be willing to go that far though and I understand you want to insist more on the social, sharing aspect. The idea behind is still a bit similar. We all have a lot and way enough that we can share it with others, especially those that have very little.
I like it that you want to insist and promote this aspect of mankind. Go Sherry go!! :)


Dear Sherry, Dear Dan, just do it. I think it IS possible, and it's too bad that Groupon doesn't have the vision while they seem to have the structure to make it happen...so YOU will do it and we will help as we can. I think one thing about "going public" could be just that, your disappointment while at the same time you KNOW and you have experienced already it CAN be different. Maybe this can be a media content starting point.


Publicity-- that's all; as real as reality TV

Dan Foster

I think this could be done. Jesus and his followers did it. I would love to live a entire year with no money, and just be a lily in the field.

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