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Hi Sherry!

Haha! No, not ironic - I found the contrast between your last 2 posts real fun!

Seems like that tree you wrote about can easily pluck free its roots and wander about :-)
(There IS a walking tree in Costa Rica!)

Anyways I am glad to see (read) you seem to be happy and have not lost your enthusiasm...and I also observe you have not ceased to think a lot about meanings and classification of things. :-)

"Full circle" itself is a phrase (seemingly popular in the US) the concept of which I have never grasped. Or rather, it's application to life or relationships.

But I get carried away - those are things best discussed in some nice "Lokal" with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. :-)

Greetings form Vienna!


Sherry Huckabee

Yes, you get an unlimited supply of Groupons for the year. I do not know yet if it includes Groupons from before the Challenge begins (i.e. they kept some in reserve) or if it is only for Groupons as you go along. My guess/hope is the first. Just go to the cities and check out some of the "Recent Deals"!! Hot air balloon rides, sky diving, horse riding - some REALLY cool stuff.

The trick is there is often some cash needed to use a Groupon i.e. tip in a restaurant, tax on an item, transportation to get there, etc. The Groupawn will have to find people to join him/her who are willing to pick up their cash portion. That's where the hospitality, social networking, and kindness of strangers comes in.

Sounds pretty cool, huh??

Hope you're well! xoxo



I have only one question: the Groupons cost money, don't they? So are they giving you the Groupons for free? Because if the implication is that you can live off Groupons, there is the issue that one normally pays for the Groupons . . .

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