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Nice to read from you again Sherry.

Your use of this word, "ordinary", made me think a little. Why are we so afraid about being "ordinary"? Are "extraordinary" people that much happier? Where is the line between both?

The world is full of ordinary people. And extraordinary at the same time. You know this French saying "Un seul être vous manque, et tout est dépeuplé"? There is always a few persons to whom we are unique and special. Those are our close ones. Family. True friends. Those that are in return special to us and that know us deeply, honestly, like no other.

The world itself is all appearances. We all wear a "social mask" and try to fit. It is also a sane process, a form of protection of self.
As long as it doesn't shape into a habit and we are able to let go of it around the people we love.

Being able to show your naked soul and be loved for it and not despite it is a gift we should sherish. It cannot be given to everyone because it comes along with time, care, trust, patience. Roots indeed help.

Like you said, life is all cycles. Experiences. Expansion VS strengthening. Happy moments VS difficult ones. Revolt VS acceptance. A series of events that progressively shape us and shape the paths we follow. Lessons we learn - sometimes the hard way. It doesn't necessarily make sense at the present moment, especially through hard times when one struggles. But it usually does when you take a step back and look at your evolution. At least this is how I feel about my own life.
Does it ring a bell? Or do I just sound ridiculous to you? :)

However, welcome back into writing dear :)


Julie Berryhill

That is what I needed today! Thanks for the update and I would love for you to keep them coming! Jules


very nice

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