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Ah, the lovely Ms. LeGuin - I have not read her words in so very long. This poem is beautiful, and perfectly captures what I was trying to say (in far less words!) Your English is just fine Roman, and your compliments and faith are deeply appreciated. Do not fear my being carried off by the clawed talons of organized religion; while I have always respected it for the guidance that it can give, I have also always feared it for its manipulation in Man's hands. I use the word God because it is the word that people can most closely relate to concepts of omni---, but I do not think of a man in long flowing robes when I use the word God as the churches would have us. I think of the incredible brilliance of the universe, the complex simplicity and simple complexity that binds everything together and yet allows everything to exist separately. I am an Ishmael believer from way back (a great read if you never have) and was rattling the bars of the God delusion decades before the new agist's picked it up as a hot topic. It is only in recent years I've been able to reconcile the faith I have found with the anti-faith platform I once held, if that makes sense, and I'm comfortable with, and actually happy for, that re-union. And yes of course you are right - the easiest (and therefore hardest) path is 'just being.' But 'just being' isn't the only way to get to 'just being'. Some people can do that and damn I envy them. But I'm a gotta-take-the-long-way-around-the-world kinda girl. I've often joked I'm looking for my own back yard, but if I just walked out the back door it wouldn't seem like what I was looking for. So I gotta go all the way around the world so I'll recognize it when I come at it from the other side. That is what I was saying in this post. You could have gotten to where I am now with just a simple leap of faith (in fact the religious folk say that's the only way here) but I had to chase my brain all the way around the world just to end up where I thought I'd never get because I was chasing my brain, in a state of pure faith. I don't mean Jesus will heal me faith, I mean just pure, simple faith, that it's "all good", no matter what it is. Because once we know 'it's all good' it gets a lot easier to 'just be'. Some people can get there through their bodies, some through their emotions, some, the lucky ones like you, through 'just being', and some, like me, got make it a trek around the world with their own mental machinations. It doesn't matter the path, it's the fact that you're on it, and somewhere along the way, you'll wake up on a yoga mat or in a crying fit or from meditation or a good debate and realize what it is to be fully alive, fully present, to BE with capital letters, and that the gift is in that BE-ing. And once you get a little taste of it you know something about how to find it again, and then again, and then you might not need the yoga mat or the extreme emotion or the mental machinations or the meditation, then you might be able to 'just be' without even trying to just be. Of course then you disappear in a flash of light and there's no more chocolate or hot showers or morning snuggles, so I think I'll keep a couple of my mental machinations going! ;-)


Hi Sherry,

firstofall let me tell you I am sorry for you how things developed lately! I wish you the best for your future - after all you are such an interesting, resourceful and gifted woman, I am sure your personal luck is not far!

Concerning your above posting, I think sometimes we (humanity) get to carried away, lose ourselves in trying to apply meaning to the world.
In a song of Gil Scott Heron appears the line "semantics is always a bitch", which I find quite fitting in this context.

Reflect on this, perhaps. My personal opinion is that the path to bliss leads via "just being", without looking too much for a higher meaning.

I know this is hard, but doing otherwise carries the risk of getting off track and being caught in misleading, often harmful and irrational, unsteady constructs, such as religion.

Having gone so far, I suggest you read Richard Dawkin's book, "The God Delusion", and tell me what you think of it :-)

Also, I would like to share with you my most favourite poem:

Only in silence the word,
only in dark the light,
only in dying life:
bright the hawk's flight
on the empty sky.

-The creation of Ea (Ursula K. LeGuin, from the "Earthsea" trilogy)

In any case best regards and "be well" from Austria,


P.S.: Please excuse any errors, English's not my first language

Shellen Lubin

Absolutely beautiful, Sherry. It is indeed the feeling--pain equally as much as pleasure--that makes us feel our alive-ness, and allows us to resonate and reverberate with the alive-ness of the whole universe.

You have written the closest thing to religious doctrine that will ever have meaning for me.

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