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Hey there. Still reading your writings (Babbling Brooks are curious places), but a curious other thing occurred today. And, as is my want I will scew it to fit into your writing reality so I feel like at some point I made a connection with another point, or, person (possibly you).
Anyway, I was on facebook playing attack, and an anonymous person, Margaret, asked if my sister is Sherry Huckerby(my surname is spelt this way), and I tentatively said maybe. She responded that she met her in Madrid. Well blow me down my sister has not been on an aeroplane let alone over or even on water. So I was mightily enthused by the possibility and sought more info.
In the end Margaret realised the surname was spelt differently and there was no relationship. But she told me about your website name and confusing the name with the dreams of Elysium I thought, well, why not, maybe you are some kind of poet, and she also mentioned something about couches (the seat of the world) oh, and she mentioned you were beautiful; I always doubt other peoples perceptions of beauty as any sane person should. So here I appear.
Part 3. To scew the point in someway: the people and events in your life are the constructors of signposts... and to deny the sign is to deny...
Of course I think this train of thought goes quite deep to the notion of the sub-conscious (such a silly notion really).
So, to conclude that life is actually about choice, is to 'resign' your original thought... you cannot escape sign posts... see, they just change (at unexpected and expected moments)!


All interesting roads have curves; sometimes they are fun- sometimes they are scary. They key is to pay attention, breathe deeply, and know how to drive. If so, there will be more straight-aways, more pretty vistas, and still more curves.


Dearest Sherry,
I spent my lunch hour today crying, over missed road signs, as you call them, So when I read your post, it was like an echo and a sign forwards at the same time. Your are so strong and whole in your weakness and pain. And joy. Thank you.



What better to way to procrastinate than by reading your post. My genuine condolences as you mourn the loss and transition forward. I wholly affirm your insights. They're helpful guideposts for me. You're routinely in my thoughts.

Fall brings changes. So it will be with you. I wish you continued resiliency, insight, courage, and unfettered joy and fulfillment. I'll soon send a lengthier post to update you. All my very best--


I felt that something was amiss . . . the time . . . the air . . . but you seem to be getting all the best stuff possible from the separation, even if you weren't able to get all the best stuff possible from the relationship. Sending love and support for the journey on, whatever's around the next curve.

Martijn Franken

Love to read your stories, sadly the aren't always telling what you thought you were going to tell. But I know that you are a good cardriver so you will surely keep your car on the road and will get in more gentle straight roads soon.


Thanks Roman. Actually I did find what I was looking for, in myself. True love is not about finding the right person, it is about BEING the right person. I know, intellectually, that loving another in any deep, real, intimate way requires loving yourself in the same way. Yet,again and again in our relationship, I ignored my own deepest needs. I spent most of my time wishing and pleading for him to recognize and honor them, as I did his, rather than me standing by them for myself. In this way, I failed to love myself, and that, ultimately, defies intimacy. So I learned, and in learning am another step closer to being the person who can have the intimacy I am looking for. Joy is born of pain and so even in the sadness, there is light. Nevertheless, it sure is nice to have the empathy of others when your heart is breaking. Thank you. :)


I am sad for you - sorry to hear that. I was happy when I read you seemed to have found what you were looking for....

Take care

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