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Hadn't read your writing for long... and I just have to tell how much I like this piece.
I believe that breeding children is both rewarding and very challenging. Mistakes parents make are obviously numerous, but like you pointed genuineness and love yet find their way. Personnally, though I am convinced that my parents didn't necessarily make the best choices for my sister and I, I am equally convinced they always meant the best for us, and tried as hard as they could to get it somehow.
Errare humanum est...
Maybe we should let go of this wish we often have for 'perfection'? There is no such thing as a perfect parent nor a perfect child. All of us are simply human beings, with our own failures and difficulties. Of course children are not meant to succeed where their parents failed, but to find their own way however far it may be from their parents lifestyle and their wishes for them. Still I believe that parents do and probably forever will harm them at times while meaning good. This seems to me like a natural process through which as kids we learn to overcome difficulties, and most importantly we realise that our own parents are, after all, simply human and fallible. It is also for their own flaws and frailty and by knowing how much they have and do struggle with themselves into becoming better beings, one step after another, that I LOVE my own parents.

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