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Je n'ai pas compris votre texte dans le détail, mais je pense en avoir saisi le sens.

Nous sommes faits d'ombre et de lumière, cela est certain, merci de l'avoir si bien exprimé, et il nous faut parfois parcourir un long et douloureux chemin avant d'arriver "chez nous".

Merci encore pour votre témoignage, vous êtes réellement une belle personne.



Dearest Sherry,

thank you for those wonderful words I read only today...
So much you are telling about could be me as well, though I am already pealing the busy-ness away, writing less lists, and sitting still ever more often... Still, becoming me seems yet impossible, children, work, expectancies of others still holding me back, but I am confident my time will come, as it did for you. As the moment you walked through my door in Salzburg was a white little cobble on the path of/for soulfoul light.
Thank you, Sherry.


Great job.

It's really good to have you HOME.

Love Dad


I could sum up my feelings while reading this text in just one word : WOAWWWWW!
It touched me very deep within and what you relate is indeed universal, or at least it resonates in me and with some moments and events in my own life...
Life feels to me as a huge theater stage where we all wear masks and costumes to fit better into society, to meet family and friends expectations, to hide our wounds and failures. At times we drop them, most of the time we are way too frightened to.
I feel very joyful that you found this peace and self acceptance of the beautiful soul you hold within :) If I can pray for one thing tonite, it is that future allows me to grow old in such a beautiful and accomplished way and that I can stay just as faithful and honest to myself. Life is not an easy journey, but it is in those contrasts between good and bad moments, between pains and joys, beauty and ugliness, achievements and failures that it takes all its density and depth.
A hug dear!

Shellen Lubin

Absolutely beautiful, Sherry. There is no end to the adventure--the challenge or the discovery. I love you.

Rebecca Ashley

Sherry, I want to manifest you right beside me, or me to you up by the citadel. Instead I can send some kindness and love through the ether. I will carry these words with me always; I have rarely read anything so honest and true. The photo of Hans and you in the NY Times article is beautiful; another chapter, but surely not the 'end' to your surfing travels as the caption might suggest...

Julie O'Dell Burgaletta


This was by far your BEST, most honest writing to date. The depth of your personal search is clearly evident as you have now evolved to place where you are truly "home". Reflecting on all your life experiences ("aha" moments; good and bad) armed with your computer, vivid memories and new experiences (especially now with Hans) will allow you to write a most wonderful 2nd book from your newly evolved personal perspective...which by the way, I see Book 2 woven from your "motherhood" past.

I remember when we first met, you defied all the conventional rules...You were a divorced mother with a gorgeous little boy attending law school full-time AND on Law Review....Any ONE of these ventures is enough for one person but no, Sherry doesn't do anything half-way...You excelled through your own desire to succeed...The day of reckoning though came when you looked deep within. Kudos to having the strength to find the answers that many folks never have the courage to understand.

I speak from experience; The state where you are now is where I was after I sorted out for me, "Who's your Daddy". It takes incredible strength and determination. This "newly evolved Sherry" will astound you! Take comfort in all of the tears and layers of skin that you have peeled off your body and soul as you unravel the mysteries of life and the universe.

Back in the day, I saw your eyes twinkle (not from tears, but instead challenged enthusiasm) as you faced every day...it was this twinkle that you have found once again...never let it go...challenge yourself!!! Get BOOK 1 out the door so that your new experiences will bring you Book 2! Go get 'em!!!!

Let me know how I can help!!!

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