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Hey, you!
You didn't say goodbye!

I'm going to Iceland next month. Then maybe Finland. From there I'll stop over in England before going back to the States.



Actually, your perception is probably a result of the spin in OUR history books against Russia. EVERY Bulgarian I spoke with about their history viewed it as Russia helping them to overthrow the Ottoman rule and most seemed to view it as a favorable thing even if communism itself later created issues.


An interesting piece, but there is an historical inaccuracy (probably a result of the traditions of soviet domination of the history books). The Russians most certainly did not seek to liberate the balkans (including Bulgaria) from the (then) declining Ottoman empire in the latter part of the 19th century. Rather, the goal of the Russo-Turk (Ottoman) war was to gain access to the Mediterrean by the Russians (i.e. one empire to another). The "Great Powers" ultimately intervened.

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