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Anita Bushnyakova

I am so glad you were able to feel the hospitality of my home country. People are great, warm and welcoming. If you have a Bulgarian friend he/she will stay your friend forever, no matter where you are.




Hi Sherry!

Catching up with those pieces of your writing. And they really touch me as always. It is so true that we barely take enough time to connect sincerely and deeply with our fellow human beings - be it foreigners or simply neighbours, family, collegues... Time flies so quickly at times and we keep running after it when we should probably and simply stop, watch and listen to others.
Do not worry about Boshi though. From what you depict, I am convinced he understood well enough that you were simply young and pretty unexperienced in interacting with the elder and foreign :) Most of us are, and coming to realise this is a great step already, don't you think? Sounds like he liked you and your Mom a lot.

BTW, a completely different topic...
What are your travel plans at the moment? Any chance that we see you in Switzerland for Vince's paella? How about Eastern Europe? I'll be going shortly through Slovenia and Bosnia and longer through Croatia beginning of August, flying back from Budapest. Any chance you would be around? Bulgaria sounds lovely, but I'll keep it for another year since I'd need a passport (which I haven't!) to reach it through Serbia.

Sending you huge HUGS et de gros bisous toulousains xxx



I rarely get moved to tears but this story drove some into my eyes.

My personal belief is that death is terminal, so I suggest anyone moved by this story look abuot themselves to see their Boshis, and reach out...


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