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Hey Mom, I finally got the time to sit down and read this one. I really enjoyed it. Sounds a little depressing, but still good. Gotta say it, although don't let your head blow up. I like your writing. Just keep the humor in there that you have, it's what kept me reading. Your philosophy was nicely covered by the humor and was noticed if wanted to be noticed but not too present. This of course being a good thing because those who want it can take it and those who just want to read for reading sake can do so. Well written mom. Love you...OFF TO PRACTICE MUSIC!

Shellen Lubin

"Time to Say Goodbye" eh?? For Zija's eighth grade school concert, she performed one of the two solos--not the Sarah Brightman part, but the Andrea Bocelli part--but sung up high in the soprano range. She did a lovely job of it, too. And working with her on it was my first real brush with Italian (going with my parents to Italy when I was 14 doesn't count).

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