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Hi there Sherry!

Still like a lot to read you. Luckily I have a bit of time to write back and share thoughts today.

You are no more a fool than anyone of us I think. Life is not an easy thing - we just all struggle and try our best, for the better or the worst depending on days and our own state of mind ;)
In richness as in poverty, amongst thousands as in loneliness I think the key to hapiness is simply to stay true to yourself. The rest : what people think, whealth, etc. is all appearances and of little importance in the end. It comes, it goes and you never know what life has in store for you isn't it? Keep enjoying all those lil' details that make life so diverse and varied and amazing, those slight things that too often go unnoticed : the smile of a kid, snow, butterflies, morning sunrays, flowers blossoming in springtime, having your loved ones around...
The world can be so full of beauty for the ones that know how to just stop and look around and keep the soul and curiosity of a child.

Warm hugs from France! :)


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