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Hey Sherry! There is no one on earth that understands how long you have realized the dream you are living right now. Of course I may be a little partial when it comes to your writing. (smile) I am so happy for you! Naturally, if I'm not one of the first few people to read the finished product, I will really be disappointed. (just kidding) I know it will be great, just as all of your writing has been in the time I've known you. Guess I was one of the lucky ones to see the talent that make you such a terrific writer, not to mention the all the other genuine qualities that make you what and who you are. Don't worry about a thing Sherry. Those that know you well and those who are just discovering the personal perspective you put into all of your writing will fall in love with your book and of course you too. (smile) Keep living your dream and know that there so many waiting to share it with you.

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