> America - NYC: New Years Eve in Times Square

Reconnaissance the day before - 32 hours to Countdown!

New York's finest were EVERYWHERE! - I actually wonder if they hire actors there were soooo many of them

View into Times Square from behind the ball drop

Hi Aunt Kay :-)

Okay - you know that great big ball you see on TV? The one on the TV screen at the bottom center of this picture? Yeah, the real ball is the little dot you see at the center of this picture - slight difference, huh?!

View of the crowd ahead of us

David from South Africa - we met when we were quite literally shoved into one another. Great guy!

View of the crowd behind us

Victor from Puerto Rico - what great fun this little family was!

David didn't plan on coming - now he's all thumbs up!

Denise, Enrique, and Victor from Puerto Rico - they were such fun and having such a great time together!

Didn't meet this couple but I love the expression on her face

Camera shy mom and daughter from Miami (unfortunately I didn't get their names). They were obviously such a close family - precious to see.

Ha, caught you on camera! :-)

Victor, Cassandra, and David gettin' down to the Times Square tunes!

Victor, Cassandra, and David still gettin' down!

David, Denise, Enrique, Victor, and me!

Our intersection

Are we insane or what?!

Love those Glasses!!!!

Now that's a fashion statement!

Chillin' on the concrete - literally!

Where else can you see fireworks every hour?

Why limit yourself? - Celebrate Life!

Cassandra was great!! This girl can boogie!

Enrique, Denise, David, Cassandra, and Cassandra's friend havin' a ball in Times Square (ba-dum-bump!)

Cassandra with twinkling eyes, and toes!

Christophe (bottom left) - before we recruited him from the Blank Faced Throng to the Dance Crazed Crowd

David - Singing along with Christine Aguilera - such bliss!

Can you say Limbo?

How low can you go?

Me, Victor, Cassandra, David, and Christophe

View of our television view

View of Christophe after we recruited him - doesn't he look happier! Don't these people look like they are waiting for root canals?

Now Christophe's in the spirit!

View of the REAL partiers - see all the red? They're the ones close enough to get the free goodies.

Hello South Africa!

The family from Miami - they were so cute together. I love seeing happy families on vacation!

Denise, Enrique, and Victor - great family, great fun!

Cassandra and her friends from Brooklyn - she kept the party goin' on!!

David and Christophe - Italian soccer meets French fashion! What a couple of cuties!!

The gang's all here - well almost...

Happy New Year!!!!!

Bonne Année!

View of Central Park after the fireworks and festivities. What a beautiful night and a special start to a new year and an ever renewing life.... Happy New Year to you all!!

HAPPY 2007!!!! .... or is it 2006?

Tip to the wise - don't buy your New Year's trinkets from a guy sitting on the bench in Central Park with a garbage bag full of hats and horns. We didn't realize until twenty minutes later our hats said 2006!