> Switzerland (5) - Bernese Oberland

A view of Watterhorn in the distance. The mountain to the right is the one I climbed - well to the end of the tree line, not to the top!


Switzerland Beauty

The rivers formed by glacier melts are this other-worldly steel grey color.

"My" Mountain - okay so I only hiked the forest and the flat rock croppings...

up and up...

This explains how the trees seem to grow out the side of the mountain at higher elevations - they actually DO grow out the side of the mountain.

Cool pic, huh? Even cooler I actually spotted these moths mating. I never knew moths mated!

View of Grindelwald and the other little valley towns below.

Hi Aunt Kay!

...and up and up....

Glad I'm not up there!

... and up and up...

Field flowers beneath the Eiger North Wall

Snow Cave!!

My innocuous looking little snowcave - before I discovered it was blocking my path!

This picture looks far less scary then the real thing looked. You can see the slide down if I slipped crossing the river and a bit of the gravel embankment up the right side.

The gravel embankment I had to scramble up - I was too surprised I was still alive to take a picture that accurately depicted how fricking scary it was!

I love the snow caves!

The Eiger North Wall

My path...

Okay maybe it's not MY path...

Mt Eiger

I just like this picture



Path into Alpiglen

Well it is a little more palatable to see a McDonalds if it is cute!