> Switzerland (3) - Bern

The Prison Tower


View of the Bern flag through the tunnel

There were several delightful fairy-tale like paintings on buildings around town


The canton flags lining the main tourist street

The Guardian Bear??



Robin Bear???

I love the flower boxes and dormer windows.

Don't you love cities where the telegraph office is still open?

Lady Justice

Isn't this a cute little window

... and a cute little house

...and street

.. and steeple - geesh everything is cute!


The water of the Aare River is a striking turqoise blue

Love this "hometown" picture of Einstein!

The Begging Bears in the Bear Pit





What the hell is this? A decapitated flying chicken-cow?

View of the River Aare through the tress along the little back woods path - the middle of nature just five minutes from the city

I love the little baby chimneys on all the rooftops

View of the breakwater from my little writing/napping spot.

View of the Cathedral in the distance - strategically shot to hide the ugly scaffolding!

Photo of the Parliamen not so strategically taken to hide the scaffolding!

Bern-ians on lunch break floating down the river


I just thought she was cool - this lady warrior

This was a stroke of brilliance I think. In front of the Parliament, in the center of town, used to be an ugly parking lot. They wanted to change it but had to keep the area open and paved for demonstrations and such. They put in random shooting water sprays and now children and parents alike flock to get "caught" in the shooting water. I feel sorry for the uninitiated toursit walking through at 2 in the morning after drinking too many bears though!!

Kids playing in the fountain

See the boy jumping

Love the limestone green of Bern


I walked ALL the way to the TOP!


The Bear statue guarding the breakwater


Interesting statue for a cathedral wall 2/3 of the way up the tower!

View from the Cathedral tower





Skeleton stained glass?? I'd love to know what this is about.