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Sunset as the train sped into Sweden

Wait a minute! Am I 'Here' or 'Here'?

I'm so confused....

Not many places in the world you see a Viking ship floating around

View of Stockholm from the elevator lift built in the early 1900s that used to connect the upper and lower towns.

Loved the cloud formations and the color of the sky here. The rain came and went all day so the clouds were always dancing in different ways.

The Royal, uh, marching? band.

Okay, I got a little trigger happy on the whole band on horses changing of the guard cavalry ride thing. That explains the next bunch of pics...




This was li'l miss power happy blondie responsible for keeping the crowd to the sides. She was entertaining even when I couldn't see the Guard


Look at the look on the little girl's face sitting on her daddy's shoulders











Talk about a bird's eye view

Loved this little girl statue - like countryside charm in the middle of busy city life bustle

Wow, punk is still alive and well!

Ha, even in Sweden there is a line for Gelato! See the flag?

Out with the rain, in with the sun - all day long. The Grand hotel is one of their historic claims to fame. I just liked the flags in the sunshine whole between the clouds

The unique black spire of their memorial church where kings from as far back as the 1200s are buried

The richest road in Stockholm

Okay, I admit it, the sight of this car made me wet. SOOOO beautiful! I stopped to chat with the less than enthusiastic owner who obviously wasn't interested in having anyone drool on his car. Oh My God I declared, that is gorgeous. I've never seen this one on the road before. He replied, "It's number seven in the world." and went back to pumping his own gas. Just goes to show money can't buy personality and a hot rod can't make a hot bod. What a shame.


The VASA. One of the most impressive museum exhibits I have ever seen. Got a little trigger happy here too...





View from the Royal Canal Tour

Okay, so the whole day was trigger happy

One of the ABBA houses - they are pretty proud of their claim to fame around here





Their National Museum - never did make it inside. Next time.


7-11 with internet, wow...

The controversial though persuasive architect who designed City Hall designed the ceiling to resemble a Viking ship turned upside down

View from the Gallery of the Prince in City Hall. I really liked this room for it was designed on the theme of reflection. The mural on the wall, painted by the prince, reflects the view through the windows. The room is filled with male/female oppositions including these lovely carved representations of man and woman through time flanking the windows. They were beautifully done...