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Sunset over Szczecin from Asia's Apartment

Sauerkraut filled pancake/crepes - mmm so good


Asia and I (okay so not the best choice on lighting)

Beautiful Polish Graves - Note the potted plant areas and the eternal candles...



They even have lockboxes under the mourners' benches to store gardening tools and such

Beautiful though neglected architecture in Sczcecin

City Hall - Hitler spoke from the balcony and you can see a statue dedicated for Pope John Paul's visit to the right

Asia and I before the eagles, or are those singing choir members????

I'm still not sure...

GALAXY!! Sczcecin's shopping extravaganza!!

This statue was actually pretty cool - Angel of Liberty I think it was called. I loved how it bordered the ship monument in the distance

Sczcecin's Cathedral

Notice the anchor beneath her robes. I love the honor old communities paid to the trades that sustained them. Our trades are so non-tangible now, tangible symbolism is no longer possible.

The church door - see the anchor again?

Alecia, Pavlo, and a friend of Pavlo's. Alecia, Pavlo, Asia, and I were all studying Italian in Ascoli at the same time.

Asia and I. C'mon, I could be her sister, right?

Alecia, Asia, and grannie

Li'l miss model - she is even more beautiful in person; pictures never do her justice.


Pavlo - well on his way past tipsy

Asia - well on her way TO tipsy.

It was such fun watching Igor work the girls!

The full moon that lightened our limerick laden lollygag home.

Asia and Sherry and Igor
Were feeling no pain that's for sure
As they walked through the night
'Neath the full moon's light
Laughing at limericks this poor

No none of us are drunk, especially not the photographer!

Poland's walk of fame where famous stars place their handprints in the little seaside town of Miedzyzdroje (or something like that)

The beach at Mi..zyz...whatever....

Maria and Asia

Can't you just smell the roasting meat in the air!!

Not a bad beach turn out for a Thursday!

Asia and her mom

Me and Asia

Asia, Maria, and I goofin' off

What is that look on your face, li'l miss?!

I never did figure out why she was blowdrying the meat.

Polish ice cream...

I love watching caricature artists - how is it they are the same everyplace in the world!?

These were soooo coool! Bungie cord safety belts over trampolines! It was great watching this little girl go higher and higher and her dad encouraging her on...

Typical Polish house

Asia and Maria laughing 'cuz I told them I was going to take a picture of that green eyesore and post it as a typical Polish house

Asia and precious Petunia

Petunia posing for the photo

Sewerym and Irena whom I met on the Ferry from Poland to Copenhagen. They were sooo sweet. Couldn't speak a single word of English but we "chatted" as they ate their lunch at my table. I shared my chocolates and they drew a family tree picture to tell me about their kids and grandkids. They got married when she was 18 and have been married 41 years. Still so obviously in love. I took a picture (with their camera) of him looking at her like she was the most beautiful woman in the world - which to him I'm sure she is. What is that like? To love so deeply for so long?

Ferry flags on a foggy day