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Trondheim Cathedral

Town of Trondheim



View from the Rauma Railway - the pictures don't do it justice but the water was amazing!! Crystal clear streams and amazing aquamarine blues.


When the bus to Alessund rounded the corner into the Fjords it was simply breathtaking. The most amazing blues I have evr seen in my life. Try as I might I couldn't get a decent picture but I will remember always the picture in my mind.

Kinda cool - picture through the back windows
of the bus catching a reflection of the side windows



My hotel at Alesund. I just lucked into it when the bus arrived after midnight. The front desk clerk took pity on me and gave me a good price. Great place!

Art deco architecture in Alesund - the entire city burned down just after the turn of the century and was rebuilt virtually from scratch. It is one of the world's largest collections of Art Deco architecture.


Sample of Art Deco art at a local museum - lovely.

My hotel from across the bay.

View of Alesund from above. The funny thing is the picture I saw that made me want to come to the town ended up being of the hotel that I stumbled unknowingly into after midnight!

Hi Aunt Kay!

It was a straight drop down from this cannon (thus the guard rail), but I couldn't resist the photo opportunity.



Great little museum in Alesund - they took you through a "time machine" to a audio/video history of the fire that swept through Alesund at the turn of the century. The entire museum was accentuated with little audio visual guides and props. Really cool.


I really liked this artist's work - Anne Gunn Oedegaard. Edel set up a little gallery off the side of the antiques shop for her.

Painting by Anne Gunn Oedegaard

This antiques shop was the most amazing little find. It is called Trankokeriet Antikk. Set on the water on the outskirts of town, I stumbled into it quite by chance. Every corner was filled with fascinating treasures.

The windows actually look right over the water. It was more like you were on a ship than in a store. Cool sensation.

The antiques shop is also a coffee shop with little tables and booths to have a treat and a cappuccino and gather energy for more treasure hunting!

More pics of Trankokeriet - stuff, stuff everywhere!

How many places can you find a bear chandelier?

Edel was wonderful! She had just bought a cappuccino machine and was still trying to learn how to use it. I tried to help given my three whole months of Italian barrista experience. The cappuccino was almost undrinkable but the experience making it was great!

Cool Pic, huh?

Trankokeriet Antikk from the outside. If you are ever in Alesund, it is definitely worth checking out!

Love the architecture in Alesund.

I wanna live there!

The following are all views from my ride on the Hurtigruten - the Coastal Express - from Alesund to Bergen. Words cannot express the stunning beauty of this country - the rainbow of blues, the crisp, clear air, the solitude, the crystal water that reflects like a mirror, the clouds, the sky - everything, amazing.

The Coastal Express ship I was on.

I LOVE all these little isolated houses. I WANT ONE!

Words fail... just enjoy the pics.


Hi Aunt Kay!