> Holland

Nadia was one of Urbian's many great friends - beautifully direct and full of class and sass. I liked her from the instant she corrected me with an explanation of Dutch manners the moment we met.

Urbian and his girlfriend Laura - a great girl, greater than he even realizes.

My first Dutch Pancake - apples and Gran Mariner, with a shot to match on the side. Mmmmm Mmmmm!


The strangest cat I have ever seen...

Urbian and Peter

Doesn't he look peaceful - working on his tan!

Miranda and her boyfriend. She was absolutely awesome. So incredibly gracious. Beautiful and genuine inside but one tough bitch on the outside!

Urbian playing with Jack - what an apropos name!

Sunset OVER the Atlantic!

Jack welcoming the bar patrons.

It was just a beautiful day.

One second too early for the flip off!

Great symbol for Miranda's Tattoo and Body Piercing shop!

Peter and Miranda

Hey Baby - wanna... ?

Peter and Miranda

Madurodam - The trappiest of tourist traps! But still kinda cool. It is a land of miniature reproductions of important buildings and icons throughout Holland.



These fishies were sooo cool. They would come right up and nibble on my finger.


Is it a shoe or a boat?

My first Holland windmill!

Loving riding in a convertible. Boy I miss my silver bullet baby!!

Funny story around this pic - you'l have to read the post!

Rotterdam's pride - the Erasmus Bridge

What kind of duck is this?!

These were soooo cool. Cube Shaped Apartments. Is everyone stoned in Holland?

Rotterdam has a unique edge on architecture.

I got trigger happy with the cube apartments - only $200 k - can I have one?



This was trippy - a beautiful old cathedral right in the middle of Rotterdam. As I was walking up I noticed how little reverence was paid the church. No signs, construction all around, no tourism indications. I walked in to discover they were using this beautiful cathedral as a convention center! They were breaking down the booths as I walked around. After lighting candles in cathedrals across Europe it was very bizarre to see one used this way.

It is always strange to me to think entire cities are destroyed in the name of war. Can't we all just get along?

Urbian and his girlfriend Laura

Another delightful lady in Urbian's circle of friends - Natalia. We drove down to her parents' beautiful home in the south of Holland for a delightful Surinam dinner.

Night time view of Natalia's family's beautiful backyard.

They even had real Shetland ponies! I loved Shetland ponies when I was a little girl!

Natalia, me, Laura, and Urbian

I took the Nehalennia to Kinderdijk. When the canals built in 1366 could no longer handle the rising water, sixteen windmills were built in 1738 to protect the lands from flooding. The boat tour was a bit boring but Kinderdijk was cool.

trigger happy... enjoy....








This ladies were GREAT! They were on a thankyou cruise for volunteer work. I watched them the entire trip back - laughing, smoking, drinking, even recruiting men to do a Titanic scene re-creation of the front bow. They were absolutely beautiful!!!