> Germany (4) - Cologne

Achim and Katherina's four beautiful children - Antonia, Constantine, Ferdinand, and Felicia. I spent a wonderful five days in their home playing and having fun.

Katharina - my age, had given birth to four children in eight years and still absolutely beautiful - inside and out.

Lil Miss Antonia - so adorable!

Constantine and Felicia having bathtime fun

Miss Sudsy Santa Claus

I loved being a part of their nightly tub and teeth time!


Everybody providing encouragement to Constantine's motor boat!





Ferdinand - so cute you could just eat him up!

I could be a big sis couldn't I? I match!

Tickles and giggles

Achim and Antonia

Sunday we went to a church picnic and kindergarten performance. I've never seen kids have so much fun with a blown up snake!

These two are so close he couldn't just watch Antonia sing, he had to climb up on the bleachers with her! She loves on him like a lovesick puppy.

Don't you like my hat?

Yeah, I guess she does look cuter.