> Germany (3) - Berlin

Assless Chaps! Gotta love German TV!

From the front they looked like lovely dressed cowgirls!

Berlin is definitely a city under construction.

Is this a new justification for fetishes - "Oh honey I'm just going to the museum today..."

Awesome - City Pissers, I mean Pissors

Unique art work

Loved watching the Hyenas - they make the STRANGEST sound!

Sushi Take-Away Stands!

and French cafes - in true French people-watching style

What I saw the most of in Berlin - my little desk in my perfectly appointed little room...

Brandenburg Gate

The statue Napolean stole because he liked it so much. It was later restored to its place on top of the gate.

Asia and Igor in front of Brandenburg Gate

Asia and me

Asia is serious about eating - can you see the spring in her step as we headed for the happy face bratwurst??!!

Hauptbanhoff - the new train station. Really quite impressive.

Me at a memorial for the wall in Potsdam Patz

Potsdam Platz - a very impressive array of modern architecture built in just the last fifteen years including the renowned Sony Center. Curious about the fake building to the far right - can you tell it is a cardboard facade?

The Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedachtniskirche - a symbol of West Berlin left in bombed out ruins to remind people of the actrocities of war and division.

Me and Asia at a Berlin favorite - Starbucks!