> Germany (2) - Bamberg

View from my bedroom at Johannes and Manuela's home

View of one of Manuela's therapy rooms for her in house office - I loved the way they the colors and design of their home

Bamberg Cathedral


View of St. Michael's Monastery

View of the Cathedral and Residence Halls

View of the city from the grounds of St. Michael's

Divine light descending? Ha...

St. Michael's Cathedral


The ceiling in St. Michael's Church

I love the German architecture

The Old Town Hall centered in the river on an artificial island between "Church and State"



Artwork on the side of the Old Town Hall

View from the Old Town Hall Bridge

Bustling little square in Bamberg

Quaint little German streets

Plenty of bars for beer drinking!

Johannes and I drinking smoked beer! (It really is like drinking a smoked sausage!)