> France (2) - Paris

Just love Paris architecture!

Me hanging out at Mhennas with Kristaps - another couchsurfer who came through at the same time.

Sacré Coeur - amazing...

Can you hear the song - How much is that doggie in the si-ink?

Arc de Triomphe


The Iron Lady, dressed in shades of pink and gold

My host, Mhenna. Great host, great man...

Bird's eye view of Paris

View of Paris from the steps of Sacré Coeur

The "Sea of Humanity" upon the steps of Sacré Coeur...

Kevin and Mhenna at Kevin's going away party - don't ask....

Kevin's friend, Alonso; Mhenna's new roomate, Nina; and other friends for Kevin's going away party

Mhenna, his cousin to his right, and other friends

Mhenna playing Kabylian songs for the party - his voice, beautiful, soft and strong at the same time. Kabylian music is wonderful - I'm hooked.


Mhenna and his friend, again playing Kabylian music - they did a duet that was just awesome...

Mhenna and Nina - she has a beautiful voice.

Mhenna, Nina, and her friends from Hungary

Nina and her friends from Hungary


Yeah, that would be me, hard at work :-)

Mhenna answering couchsurfing requests



Montmarte with a view of Sacré Coeur in the distance

Mhenna and I on the steps of Sacré Coeur

Mhenna takes these great "wandering feet" pictures. I'm hooked on the idea - My first "wandering feet picture was at Mont St Michel -- Here are our feet on the steps of Sacré Coeur

I think she's looking at us...

This was the most amazing sunset - clouds were threatening just minutes before behind Sacré Coeur. Suddenly, the sun pierced the clouds filling the sky with color.

Amazing colors...

La Vie en Rose...