> France (1) - Antoine's Paris Bday Bash

A picnic at the Eiffel Tower! Well actually lunch at Nations when we gave up our search after three hours!

At least I can IMAGINE the Eiffel Tower!

Urbian, Sherry, Leila, and Helene - funny how there are always tongues hanging out of couchsurfer's mouths?!

I'm not sure if that is a cute moment or a 'whatever' moment.

Locals having a good time.

I'm not even going to caption this one - think for yourselves!

We're on TV?

Steff and the gang chatting in the streets.

Fred and Tiina

Dani - what a great smile!

Do you think Urbian has hidden anger issues?

Urbian's always kissin' on the pretty girls - actually on all the girls!

or licking...

Helene, Fred, and Tiina

second verse, reverse of the first

Antoine and Leila the morning after

I've never seen a man seduce a pussy quite so well.

Breakfast the morning after amongst old friends and new friends.

Now we're waking up some.

and brightening up some!

Amazing how Antoine can look so sweet while suffocating Marcy.

Marcy and Antoine - awwww...

Marcy, Antoine, Urbian, Sherry, and our wonderful host Mhenna!

and again, awwww......

Antoine is soooo French - gingerly lifting his hat to conceal a private kiss.

It has been a week, Urbian, would you PLEASE stop trying to kiss me!

Is it really that small? The coffee I mean...

Leila and Urbian playing in Paris.


A grass covered van - is it Fred's? They kinda match!

Couchsurfers in the basement of The Fifth

Bruno and Dorothee - hope she got a good story!

Fred and Tiina

Leila looking angelic.

The Birthday Boy!

Me, Konstantina, and Daniel - it was like a collective reunion!

Steff having fun - she's so cute.

The birthday boy and Dorothee - I know she'll get a good story with this one!

Leon looks happy - or maybe just drunk!

Tiina, Sherry, and Urbian

Miss Laila, and Helene in the back

Tiina, Helene, Sherry, Urbian, and Leila

Urbian, his tongue, again, and Leila

Happy Tiina

Urbian, Sherry, and Leila - whose camera are we supposed to be looking at?

Sherry and happy Tiina

nanny, nanny, boo boo....

Another unknown name - guess I didn't mingle enough!

Miss Tiina always has such a bright smile.

Wow, the Frenchmen are more persistent than the Italians. Great eye contact but WAY too clingy!