> Finland (1) - Helsinki

The Uspenski Russian Orthodox Cathedral

View of the harbor as you come in on the Ferry. Note the Helsinki Cathedral to the left and the Uspenski Cathedral to the right.

The Helsinki Cathedral

The picture in my mind's eye of Finnish nobility from the days of Royal Courts - don't know which author drew it but there it was sittign bright as day in a coffee shop on the corner

Notice anything strange about this intersection? Look closely. Don't see it? There are no stop signs. Except at busy intersections they don't use lights or stop signs. The rule is simply, yield to right, always. That means slowing down to look right at every intersection. Can you imagine if America had this rule - we don't even stop and look when there are stopsigns!

One of the first pictures I took in Helsinki - I wonder if it was the power of suggestion that created my aching head for the next two days?!!

My host James and I having a beer before the fireworks

Uh, yeah, fireworks...


ok, you get it...


Our couchsurfing, fireworks watching crew. James in the back, Tina next to me, Oskari from Finland, Catherine, from Russia and her her boyfriend, Manis, from Holland.

Stand off at the OK corral between cat trainer and cat

Still the cat really did hang upside down and cross this pole and command

And another one climbed this pole and did the suicide jump into a pillow she was holding

But she had to toss the last one in the basket. He just wadn't gonna doit.

The Balancing Rasta Superman

Sorry Aunt Kay, I'll get better pictures of me soon.

The Hellsinki Cathedral

Interesting phone booth...

The Commandant's Memorial - thought it was a pretty cool grave sight

This model cracked me up - see the little guy on his side. He's a casualty, the red is supposed to be blood. There are about 7 of them on the back side of the ship. Little Dead Toy Soldiers???

Would have been Patrick's favorite room

Quaint little cafe on Suomenlinna where we had coffee.

Beautiful view of the sea from the coffee house

That's how I used to study in law school in Miami!

Finns enjoying one of their last summer days at the little inlet beach on Suomenlinna


The King's Gate


View of the fortress walls

The Vesikko, the only Finnish submarine left in the world


View inside the Vesikko

There were several small weddings on Suomelinna that day. I thought this bride was so lovely with her flowers and red hair in the sunlight, I had to take a picture. I hope she has a happy marriage and blessed future.


Upsenski Russian Orthodox Cathedral

Cool floating restaurant

So THAT'S where all the vowels went in Polish. The Finns STOLE them!!

James and I at Zetor

Tractor bar at Zetor - not the place to pick up a date...

But definitely the place to have a good traditional meal.

The Redneck tradition is alive and well in Finland