> Estonia

I would REALLY like to know what this is an advertisement for!

Tallinn is definitely a town under construction

Hot roasted nuts sold by cute wenches - hmmm

Notice all the contrasting elements of this picture? Modern building, ancient tower, multiple flags, sidewalk cafe, and McDonalds.

Olde Hansa to the right - great 'authentic' medieval restaurant

Medieval shops

Town Hall Square

Town Hall

Town Hall, from a different angle

Town Hall Square, from a different angle

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral



What exactly does this sign mean - This is a no robbery zone? Does that mean there are some areas where it IS okay to snatch a bag????

Would one of you girlfriends of mine have a baby already. I really wanted to buy the precious little coat to the bottom left

More wenches and nuts

I love when McDonalds at least blends in to the local architecture

These same stalls have sheltered vendors for hundreds of years!

Patrick would have loved the little blondies running all over this town

Ruins of St. Brigetta Convent


Ruins of St Brigetta in the foreground; the new convent built a few years ago is in the background

People watching the flower buyers

I love gutter art

Never did find out exactly who this was. May have been the president of Estonia or a prince or something. They closed the City Hall down while he was inside and had police all over the place.


Joe, the journalist I met, took this picture for me. My Aunt Kay likes you now Joe. She likes everyone who takes pictures of me!

View of the Square from the Town Hall Tower

Short Leg

This little entrepeneurial wonder was terrific. She was working deals on postcards when I passed earlier in the day - I didn't like any of the ones she had but she was so good I bought eight, plus stamps. When I passed again, while it was raining, she was skipping down the street stopping anyone who didn't have an umbrella and offering to sell the one she was carrying. If I had a business, I'd give her a job!

The African restaurant in Estonia - cool design and good food

Ele and I at the African restaurant. I really enjoyed chatting with her. Bummer we didn't get more time together.

Ferry Followers

This puppy was sooooo cute. So in love with her mommy I couldn't help but stare at the two of them. Turned out the girl had just picked up 'Laura' not two hours before. This little pup sat with her bottom in her Louis Vitton pet carrier the entire three hour ferry! Such a good puppy. They must have been bonded in another life. They completely belong to each other.