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View of the new bridge that connects Copenhagen to Malmo - it is so long by the time you get far enough away to take a picture, you can't see it anymore. This isn't even the entire view!

Changing of the Guard in Copenhagen

The new world-class Opera House

This was interesting - it is reputed to be the copy of David that Michelangelo himself made sitting alongside the bay in Copenhagen.

Cool pic, huh?

I just loved this church - Skt Alban I think it was - set aside the Kastellet on the way to the Little Mermaid

This statue was majestic - a woman driving three wild bulls. The picture doesn't begin to do it justice

A view of the statue in the foreground of the church

There they are - mad tourists, braving the rainy day, for a few moments and a photo or ten of a teeny little sculpture in the water known all around the world

Have never seen GREEN water before

The Danes diss on her, but I thought she was just lovely

Not the prettiest mermaid... Ariel definitely got the looks in the family.

This was kind of cool - the Kastellet. The oldest still functioning barracks in the world.... they say.

I was admiring this baby's fortune - hot little mamma pushing him through the rainy streets all snuggly and warm in his portable tent, when I realized he was intently people watching - look how intently he is staring...

at this man!

Did you know 7-11 started in Dallas? When I was a girl they were on every corner but over the years I watched Citgo and BP move in and the 7-11s disappear. They are still in Dallas and many other places but there ain't nary a one in Charlotte. Imagine my surprise to find not one but one on every street corner in Copenhagen! Of the almost 30,000 worldwide, less than 6,000 are in the US. Little did I know they are STILL the world's largest convenience retailer - they just aren't in our part of the world anymore.

The Round Tower was built at the turn of the 16th century to serve as an observatory. The spiral walk shown here is unique in European architecture. It is approximately 600 feet feet long and winds seven and a half times around the hollow core of the tower. The view over Copenhagen is brethtaking. It is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe.

Views from atop the Round Tower





The square where Stroget meets, uh, K-yak-ganack-something...

Love the Pelican Statue!

Doesn't look like much of a picture does it? That's cuz you're not looking at what I found fascinating. Look at the ground. They kept the cobblestone streets that add such appeal to old European cities but made them practical as well by adding flat concrete strips for bicyclists, roll suitcases, and women in stilettos. I've never seen any city do this - brilliant.

Questions that will never have an answer - How exactly did that one lone shoe end up in the fountain?

Great photo - times are changing....

Old architecture in Christianhavn

The Church of Our Savior - You climb the tour on the outside of the church!

Canals of Christianhavn

I didn't mean to take a picture of this guy. Wish I could send it to him - it's a pretty cool shot!


My host Lars - he's not a coffee drinker but scored an espresso maker from his Italian friend and made his first espresso ever just for me!

Tell me the man couldn't be Christopher Reeve's son!


The Royal Yacht - with the Queen actually on board

View of Amalienborg from the water

Lars suffering through his fourth tourist boat cruise! The downside of being a great host!

Modern architecture of Christianshavn. Picture is crooked (damn Canon) but it is such a classic "Danish" look I had to post it

The Black Doamond - Copenhagen's new library finished in 1999. Stunningly beautiful modern architecture.

View of the Parliament in the distance from our tour boat

The completed Opera House sits in the background with the soon to be finished Theatre in the foreground

Ain't he CUTE!!!

Can you see the incredulous look on Lars' face?! How many thousands of penguins must that be! It's like the Penguin Woodstock (sorry Snoopy)

Take out Thai by candlelight while watching Lord of War - what a wonderful night!

One of the billionth candles I've lit - this one in the Church of Our Savior in Christianshavn (the one with the outer spiral)

Can you imagine? Enough people have walked these stairs that the bricks are concave!

View from the spire of the Church of Our Savior

The gilded walk way up the tower.

I love you Aunt Kay - it was too windy to set the timer; I actually asked someone to take this one!