> Belgium

Dieter and his girlfriend. I didn't get to meet her, but you could tell from the pics she has a beautiful spirit.

Jero's cabin in Belgium where I spent the week catching up on posts and pics.

Okay, we're in Oignies, got it...


Between the architecture and the French, I felt more like I was in France than Belgium.


Dieter's Budoir - one of the coolest bedrooms I've ever seen. For 20 years old, the kid's got some damn good taste!

The Zimmer Tower in Lier where Dieter lives. It was originally part of the 14th century city wall. In 130 Lous Zimmer built the Jubilie Clock which has 13 faces including GMT, the lunar and solar cycles, the signs of the zodiac, days of the week and months of the years, meridians, seasons, and tidal wave schedule. Pretty cool...

Lier - really a quaint, pretty little town.

Jero's friend, Dieter. He took me in for the night so I could catch my train from Brussels to Paris the next morning. Great young man. We talked and looked at pictures from his pilgrimage to Santiago, amongst others. Really enjoyed my time with him, albeit brief. Gives me hope for the world to have young men like this around!