> Austria (2) - Vienna

Michi and Amon

Brigetta and Amon, the masterpiece!



Brigetta, Eva, Michi, and Amon



Ditto +Sherry


The Lounging Leggo Blocks of the Museum Quartier

It is interesting to see such a calm, tranquil, cultured city that is also sexually liberal and aware. These posters and another frontal nudity poster is all over the city - advertising art and dance and culture. There is something clean and pure about not making sex and nudity dirty and nasty.

One of the more famous museums - I'm not even going to try to spell it...

Main entrance to the Museum Quartier

Beautiful Architecture

... and monuments

I just get a kick out of seeing Starbucks through the armpit of a statue sculpted hundreds of years ago...

The guilty armpit



The major pedestrian shopping district.

I love the random building ornamentations in European architecture - so beautiful. Why don't we do this anymore?

These guys were brilliant - they are pumping a fine mist out the top of the awning so the entire area is cool like the It's a Small World ride at Disney. They are packed on these hot summer days!

View from Michi's apartment

Michi co-rents a small garden outside of town. She, Eva, and I went there for coffee and cakes Saturday afternoon.

Michi and her growing garden!

Eva, Me, and Michi

Another of the many museums - another name I won't try to butcher! This building was breathtaking with a park and a large wading pond out front.

The Belvedere where Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" lives along with several of his other paintings. Did you know in The Kiss they are actually kneeling? American reprints always cut out the bottom of the picture so it looks like they are laying down. In actuality they are kneeling at the edge of a flower covered precipise with the abyss all around them except on the small plot of flowers.

Me and Serena out front of the Belvedere

The Strandbar - a man made beach on the banks of the Danube

The small theatre where Eva and I watched the Operetta - Vienna Blood (as in hot-blooded, not as in the macabre)

The Viennese are an outdoor people as well. They have several film festivals in the parks - like this one outside City Hall.