> Switzerland (6) - Appenzell

Starbucks in the St. Gallen train station - with WiFi no less! It is much larger than it looks, as large as the largest stores in America with an outdoor mini bar and patio to boot. Inside it was just like being back in America (except I was the only one in there!)

The short side of my little L attic room

The long side of the L

View of the hills from the desk window

The sun beginning to set. The views grew increasingly breathtaking.


Notice that you can see only an edge of the sun under the cloud, but you can see its entire reflection in the water.


View of Lake Constance from my window with Germany off in the distance.

How's this for a breakfast patio?!

My little attic room as seen from the street...

The house of the lady in red.

The lady in red enjoying her sunset wine.

Beautiful statue I thought...

The main tourist street in Appenzell - annoyingly adorable, isn't it?

Quaint metal monikers

View to Mount Santis high above.

Riding up the cable car to Mount Santis.

This dog was soo pretty. I guess it is a relation to a collie but slimmer, shorter haired, and even more prissy. Anyone know what it is?

This picture isn't particularly impressive - until you notice those little specks are people - that's how big these surrounding mountains are and how far you can see from Santis.

Can't you see the boot off in the distance? Italy that is!


This is in the direction of Germany (I think)



Love you Aunt Kay!

Nice of him to pose for me, wasn't it?

... them...


Have you ever seen a cow beg? They actually walk right up to your table here. One started eating a lady's french fries off her plate!

What is this? The Swiss Pony Express?