> America - NYC: Alone, w/Friends, & even Strangers!


Garrick at Times Square.


Me at Times Square - Hi Aunt Kay! ;-)


My long time good friend Garrick was in town for a day on business. We had fun just wandering the town enjoying the Christmas spirit in the air.


Me at Times Square just 24 hours before the big countdown!


David and I at Central Park on a beautiful winter's day. We met New Year's Eve and enjoyed exploring the city and hanging out a bit before he returned to South Africa.


Jerry and I met randomly in the street at the Santa Con rally. He was the one dressed in the red suit. It was quickly obvious we would become good friends. He knows something about everything and more about New York than anyone I have met! This is taken at McSorley's Ale House (see article under NYC Been There Done That).


I was taking pictures of the reservoir when I realized these guys had noticed they were in my 'sights' and were 'posing' for me. Took their picture and gave them a card to look at and copy it if they wanted to. I do this A LOT - I wonder if anyone actually comes and looks at the pics???


I promised my Aunt Kay I would skate at Central Park and send her a picture. Here I am - Hi Aunt Kay! ;-)


I was walking through Central Park chatting with a friend when I saw out of the corner of my eye a guy scampering straight up the side of a vertical boulder like spider man. We stopped at the boulder trying to figure out what the hell he used for holds when he came around the corner. I asked if he'd do it again so I could watch and he kindly complied. Even watching, I couldn't figure out how the hell he did it! When he got to the top, I told him I'd take a picture and post it on the website.

Thanks for the demo, Albert!!