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My dream has long been to become a published writer and touch the world through writing. This blog was my first step on that path. The second step was relinquishing material possessions and material obligations in August 2005, thus freeing myself to pursue my passion to write and to travel. The two are intertwined for me. Traveling is really just a shortcut to maintaining a constantly aware mental state through consistently new stimuli. Still, I love it - for what I learn and experience, for the people I'm blessed to meet, and for how it keeps me open to life and the world.

Shortly after giving up house and home, I discovered the world of Couchsurfing. CS is an internet community comprised of people who believe in cultural exchange. They contribute to making the world a smaller place by experiencing other cultures through travel and welcoming others traveling into their homes. It is not a swap or exchange, but operates off the "pay it forward" concept. You take travelers in and some day others will take you in as a traveler. It is the most incredible project I have ever been a part of - a true community comprised of open, trusting, caring people dedicated to the idea, as John Lennon sang, that the world can live as one.

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I knew when I discovered couchsurfing that it was a concept I wanted to share with the world. I emptied the last pennies I had in an IRA and set off for five months couchsurfing across Western Europe to experience it for myself. The goal - to write a fiction book set in the couchsurfing world. Originally it was intended to be a travelogue, but I decided upon the fiction format instead to protect the identities of the many people who opened their homes and hearts to me.

The book follows couchsurfers in their adventures both hosting and couchsurfing as they experience life and discuss real philosophical and spiritual issues of today, particularly the often unrecognized or unacknowledged trends (and breakdowns) occurring within the American mentality. The approach is along the lines of Coelho, Brown, and Rand - a bit heavier than Da Vinci Code, a bit lighter than Fountainhead, with a bit of the Alchemist thrown in.

Life has been in unexpected flux for unexpectedly long. With the love and support of the wonderful man in my life, I am trying to clear the time and space to finish the book. We'll see what 2010 brings!